Should we build a wall?

I believe that all immigration should be halted at this point until we have jobs for all current citizens.

Until we can repair and upgrade our infrastructure so that we candle the current population.

Only those who demonstrate a skill not already available here should be allowed to work. By limiting the influx of immigrants from all over the world and putting the current population to work, discussions about minimum wage and collective bargaining would not be necessary.

The law of supply and demand would take over, employers would pay more and offer more benefits to fill positions.

Some say that’s not the American way. I differ with them. There was a day when you could allow as many people into a theater as you could squeeze in and it became dangerous, so now we have capacity limits. I propose to you that in its current form our nation has surpassed its safety limits and we need a moratorium put in place.

We also need legislation making English the language of the land. This would have to be a must for anyone coming in or anyone here wanting to stay.

I would not be opposed to a path to citizenship as long as English as the official language was part of that legislation.